Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's The Day New Life Begins...

Hello Blog World!

It's June 15, 2009 and its been my desire to start a blog for about 9 months. Never got around to it...for TONS of reasons...Fear and Procrastination being at the top of the list. So here we are!! Denouncing all things Not like Christ...I'm beginning my BLOG!

My desire here is to share me...The GOD in ME...and ALL that comes with Living single and in HIM!

I totally enjoy reading blogs...but haven't been able to locate one about being unmarried while living a holy lifestyle. Do I want to marry? DEFINITELY and I know the father has that in store for me! But what's to do in the meantime? Not Live?...


Just tune in here! You'll see that Salvation isn't boring, but that his desire is that we enjoy living in Him!! It's a Choice remember!! OK enough for now as there are lots of ideas I want to put in play here.

Musically Free...


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  1. Welcome to the blogoshphere! Look forward to reading more.