Wednesday, June 24, 2009

...Just A snack till Dinner Time...

Ok Guys...It's been over a week and i've been diligently working on two crazy posts about last week...WHEW!..Anyhoot...I thought this would be a great way for you to get to know me while I get those together...
Also Just in case you were wondering...( I know...I know...!)
My Birthday is FRIDAY!!!

YIPPIE YAY!!! OH YEAH!!! (all of that!)

I'll be retreating...and i'll be sure to take plenty of pics!!

So here it goes... 25 Random Things About Me!!

DISCLAIMER: My grammar can be a HOT MESS!!

1. I was going to title this '25 Confessions of a Church Girl..." but I decided to leave the CHURCH out of this...and it was LAME ! (KINDA) ;-) That probably would've been me doing wayyyy to much!

2. One of my most cherished childhood memories is my mother ALWAYS telling me to sit up straight and suck my stomach in. I mean from the age 5 to H.S.! But I cant wait to tell my girls...Posture is SOO IMPORTANT!

3. I had my first birthday party at age 21. I must've been a TERRIBLE CHILD. (NO COMMENT!) Big HUGE shout-out to Kanika! You solidified a spot in my wedding that night!

4. Due to Religious grandfather (who stepped in as dad when my father died of cancer) decided not to see me off to prom. He stayed in his room. I got dressed at my grandparents so all could see me off. It really hurt back then. But over the years I’ve grown to LOVE him MORE AND MORE! Now I appreciate 98.9% of the values he instilled in me.

5. Piggy backing #4... I couldn't wear pants growing up. I bought my first pair during my senior year of H.S. and they were a MESS! I still haven't found the perfect pair of jeans. As a matter of fact I own one pair that I’ve worn 3 times and bought in 2008. Oh yeah got my ears pierced for prom! They closed up by that August. I painfully reopened them in College...AFTER I GOT MY TONGUE PIERCED. And my aunt fasted until I took it out. I could gooo forever here! Moving on...

6. Did I mention that I faithfully wore jogging pants under skirts!! Like it was a trend!!

7. I had one sleepover as a child. My cousin’s Tiffany and Dana spent the night and it ended when my brother sprinkled pepper in Tiffany's think about it... I don’t think they slept over. Wait did I sprinkle the pepper? ;-)

8. My neighbor (who I HATED because she was mean I know) bought a brand new BLACK Cadillac when I was about 9...lets just say that’s when I recognized my parents had a little money. My brother and I wrote our names on the HOOD. I thought I was gone get away with it because I purposely misspelled my first name.

9. My first pets name was Ultimate Warrior. It was a dog and he was named after my favorite WWF wrestler and because our first day having him our basement flooded and he swam!! BTW… I cant stand wrestling NOW. I wonder what the British Bull Dogs and Jake the Snake is up to now.

10. I persuaded a childhood friend to let me kiss her new boyfriend first to make sure he knew what he was doing. So DESPERATE! But he kissed me!

11. I love to see a man getting excited watching sports. TOUCHDOWN! NEXT.

12. I collected American Girls as a child. My collection got sooo intense…they are now in my mothers basement locked in a trunk and she wont let me take them from the house.

13. I want to Honeymoon in the Holy Land. For some reason I believe that when we consummate…Its gone be better because were in Jesus’ Town! I know… STRANGE!

14. My first alone plane ride was at the age of 8. To visit my sister away at school and newly married in Texas. My mother STAPLED my money to the inside of my underwear and it begin to tear skin on the plane. I went to the restroom to remove the envelope and counted $1000 in there! I FELT SOOOO RICH!

15. My first overseas trip was at the age of twelve. I went to Vienna, Austria and Paris, France to sing. Two good memories: having some type of apple spritzer (JR. LUSH...which was probably sprite!) and my mother being angry when I got back because my pictures weren’t all that great.

16. I was a professional under pew racer and I loved cleaning the bathrooms at the church! Especially refilling the pad/tampon machine. LAME! Oh wait….the pop machine was MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!! THE KEY!! Did I mention I used to count the offering money in my Granddad’s office. They only let me count the change though. THOSE LOSERS!

17. During H.S when we got home I would turn the volume dial in my moms cars to high! When she went out to start the car in the morning during the winter…I would watch in the living room window for her to jump when the radio came on BLASTING! I did it for like a MONTH! IT BROUGHT SUCH JOY! Wait it still does!! ;-)

18. I think a lot about my future. Will I be famous? Will people buy my albums? Will it flop? Pretty much I’m still waiting for the father to reveal his plan for my life. Wait WILL HE? I think I’m just to walk…..WALKING….and WALKING some more.

19. I’m not totally sure of ALL I want to do with my life

20. I want to give my first born $21,000.00 on their 21st birthday to blow. But by then…that’ll be like a quarter

21. I want 5 daughters…and I do want boys just don’t have a number. But sometimes I think I’m only going to have boys.

22. As a child I used to get angry with my father when he wouldn’t kiss me like he kissed my mother! THANK GOD!

23. I’ve had the same home phone number and address since I was born.

24. My big brother was "intimate"with my babysitter in front of my little brother and I. Yeah I know TMI! I was about ten. And I told the neighborhood. Funny thing is…my babysitters boyfriend found out and slapped ME!!

25. Not until recently (thanks FB) have I connected with H.S. classmates. My old H.S. best friend was the only one I communicated with. Its really crazy and kinda strange to see and talk to them now. On the other hand…the people I met during my college years…ARE THE GREATEST BUNCH OF PEOPLE! You guys are truly heaven sent! Me coming to Georgia was by far one of the greatest decisions I’ve made. It was tough and I miss my family very much…but my Georgia family is irreplaceable! Where ever I go…you’ll always be in my heart and CELLPHONE!! HAHA!


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